About Cooper Murray

In 2018 Cooper Murray accelerated into world of Porsche GT3 racing. At only 17 years of age, Cooper was a refreshing surprise for many with his pace and raising the bar on the season with 8 race wins and winning the Jim Richards Endurance Trophy for 2018. New to the grid, Murray has shown incredible integrity and professionalism through his approach to the sport. Murray is a natural who has excelled in his short career with over 100 race wins to his name and in excess of 150 podiums. Despite his youth, Murray exhibits signs of sublime skill and raw speed so rarely seen in motorsport. With each significant race achievement, the name Cooper Murray will grow to be one we associate with success in motorsport.


  • DOB
    13th August 2001
  • Born
    Melbourne, Victoria
  • Lives
    Melbourne, Victoria
  • Status
  • Height
  • Weight

Get to know Cooper

  • Nickname
  • Where did you grow up
    Kinglake West, Victoria
  • Best road car you’ve ever driven
    Definitely the Ford Mustang convertible 2017
  • Do you have a motor racing hero
    Yes, it would have to be Ayrton Senna
  • Outside of motorsport, who did you most look up to growing up
    Chris Judd (AFL Footballer)
  • Favourite food
    Easy…Chicken Parmigiana!
  • Favourite drink
    I love sports drinks
  • Favourite past time
    Playing any sport I possibly can. I have good memories of playing lots of sport outside of racing
  • How do you wind down and relax
    I like going to gym, bike riding and using the racing simulator
  • Favourite artist and favourite song
    Post Malone. Anything recent and most 80’s music
  • What cars do you have in your shed
    2017 Ford Mustang convertible.