Cooper Murray – Sandown Preview

Well it’s race week and I’m super pumped to get back behind the wheel of my GT3 Porsche this weekend at Sandown Raceway!

The weeks leading up to this round, I’ve been watching some footage of the track and looking at some data that the team (Ashley Seward Motorsport) have provided, so I’m feeling really comfortable and confident leading into this weekend.

I’ve also been training a fair bit lately with Webb Performance and also at home, making sure I keep on top of my health and fitness.

To come away with a top two in all three races and a race win in the first round of the Michelin GT3 Cup Challenge, certainly took me by surprise and I’m hoping we can continue with the same momentum this weekend.

I must admit, after having such a great weekend in Adelaide, my goals for this season have definitely changed. I feel like I can be more competitive and aim to be in the top three. Consistency is key though and I’m focused on ensuring I come away from each weekend collecting points after each race.

I have previously raced at Sandown Raceway twice last year in the Formula Ford. One of the rounds I did a clean sweep and took out all of the races in first place, so I’m hoping I can have a good weekend in the Porsche and come away with some decent results.

It’s a great track – over the top going into Dandenong road is testing, it’s very fast, you’re going over at 200kms plus and the concrete walls are right there. It’s very bumpy and you’ve got to have the car to ride the bumps, but you’ve also got to be very committed sitting in the drivers seat whilst obviously pushing as fast as you can without making a mistake. It’s certainly a track I enjoy going to.

Although we had a great car at The Bend, we will still have to look at our car set up and change accordingly to the different style of track. The crew at Ashley Seward Motorsport will evaluate the best set up options in order to give me a fast car, which we can adjust if needed as the weekend progresses.

As I mentioned, I’m hoping to finish in the top three, however there is a possibility of rain – so that’ll be something to take into consideration.

I do enjoy racing in the wet – I’ve been in the Porsche once in the rain and the car handles pretty well, although at Sandown it’s super slippery when wet so it’ll certainly be interesting!

I’m currently sitting second in the Championship, however there are still five rounds to go. I’m confident that if we can continue to be consistent and rack up the points, we can have a great season!

We hit the track for the first Practice session on Friday 11th May, 11:20am.

Hope to see you there!